Friday, August 27, 2010

the laxity of my life

my life is terribad, so very very terribad, my greatest achievement today was i got gold in all 9 scarcrft senarios my life fucking sucks, to top it off i found out the other day my fam could b millionares right now, how? well i shall explain. my dad is a lawyer, and after his second deviorce he my uncle my other brother and a friend of his moved into a super bacholor pad, this friend of his was chinese, eventualy tony, the chinese guy said hey i can incrase your clientel by translating for u and gettin asian customers. worked for a good time then he had another idea, which was to go to china and open an office there and ferry immigrants to canada. however when they got there, my dad dropped 50k on this and tony wanted to do it backwards, how so? by doing it illegally for 10 times as much, ie. 50k per customer ie wed b millionares, the problem my dad saw with it was he would have to deal with the mafia and then probably somewhere down the line get killed, so he said no and the deal was off, and then he came back to canada. no money no richness


TheIncarnate said...

keep your chin up!

Minxiloni said...

cool story bro

BuckNekkid said...

cool story bro